Ulyanovsk Region Becomes an Active Participant of the North-South International Transport Corridor

A week of the International Cooperation and Export national project has started in the region. During it, companies in the Ulyanovsk region receive support and offers of new foreign sales markets.

According to Nikolai Zontov, Minister of Economic Development and Industry of Ulyanovsk Region, the main commodities exported from the Ulyanovsk Region are automotive parts, chemical products and metal ones. Thanks to the supply of cereals and sunflower oil, exports of finished goods have increased by almost 50% compared to the same period last year.

The export leaders include such large companies as UAZ LLC, State Scientific Center "Research Institute of Atomic Reactors" (RIAR) and CTC Metallokonstruktsiya JSC. Among small and medium-sized organizations are OOO" Meridian ANK", OOO "Vneshtorgexport" and OOO "Novotek". Currently, the largest trading partners of the Ulyanovsk region are  Kazakhstan, Belarus and Hungary.

“Due to the sanctions against the Russian Federation and bans put on the whole range of Ulyanovsk goods by 'unfriendly' countries, our companies are inevitably changing their export geography. Thanks to the region's active policy, trade cooperation is rapidly developing with such countries as Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkey, China and Iran,” Nikolai Zontov said.

In particular, the showroom of Ulyanovsk manufacturers in Uzbekistan continues getting filled with goods. Products of OOO "Marbaks Rusland" and OOO "San Marko", which include sinks, washbasins and kitchen furniture, have proved themselves really well there. It is also planned to hold an exhibition of interior doors manufacturers. A collective trade and logistics infrastructure will be created in Belarus, Kazakhstan and Iran for companies from the Ulyanovsk region.

The Ulyanovsk region expects to use new logistics routes for the development of its exports. Work is currently underway to load the container train that regularly runs between China and the Ulyanovsk region with Ulyanovsk goods. In addition, consultations are being held on development of the North–South transport corridor, which includes shipping goods along the Volga. As of today, negotiations with all participants of this large-scale logistics project are nearing completion.

“It is important to note that despite the pressure from the sanctions, Ulyanovsk goods are still in demand not only in friendly countries, but also throughout the world where they are supplied, in particular, thanks to our Turkish partners. The increase in exports with the Republic of Türkiye proves it. Entrepreneurs continue developing export cooperation. In November, regional manufacturers will take part in the 33rd International Exhibition "Furniture, Fittings, Upholstery", where they will discuss cooperation with potential customers,” commented Ruslan Gainetdinov, Head of the regional center "My Business".

In the framework of the regional project "Systemic measures to promote international cooperation and export", a new regional export standard is being introduced. It includes tools that not only expand the representation abroad, but also encourage local manufacturers to participate in export activities.

In particular, the region trains export-oriented companies, provides information and consulting services, and helps with registration on the My Export platform. It also assists those who participate in international exhibition and fair events and the Exporter of the Year competition.

Agricultural enterprises can receive financial support to carry out amelioration. They receive reimbursement for 50% of the costs connected with construction and reconstruction of irrigation and drainage systems. In 2022, the project offers 343.6 million rubles. This support measure has already been used by OOO "Agro-Neptun" and OOO "Agro-Invest" from Novospassky district. In the coming years, more than two thousand hectares of new reclaimed areas will increase the harvest of alfalfa, corn and soybeans, part of which will be exported in the future.

The start of the federal educational programme "Export Standard for SMEs", developed by the Export School of the Russian Export Center, is timed with the Week of the national project in the Ulyanovsk Region. Eleven companies receive training free of charge. The project is being implemented at the regional export support center.

During the Week, it is also planned to hold a number of meetings and international online consultations, as well as a working meeting of the Export Council where participants will discuss major aspects of foreign trade development for the Ulyanovsk region. Several events will take place in municipalities.