Ulyanovsk Region Is Planning to Create a Belarusian Industrial Park

At the round table on industrial cooperation and mechanical engineering, which took place on 17 November, the parties discussed prospects for cooperation and signed relevant agreements.

We would like to remind that the business mission from Belarus is working in the region from November 16 to 18. Welcoming the guests, Alexey Russkikh noted that business partnership with the Republic of Belarus has been developing since 2005, and today there is an acute problem of promoting mutually beneficial relations, especially by increasing trade, economic and industrial cooperation between businesses in the Ulyanovsk region and the Republic of Belarus.

“Our goal is to create conditions for seamless collaboration in the sphere of import substitution and cooperation based on the specific needs of Ulyanovsk and Belarusian organizations. I propose to consider creating a Belarusian Industrial Park in the special port economic zone "Ulyanovsk", which will include a warehouse and a wholesale center. It can also become the main assembly facility for goods made by Belarusian enterprises,” said Governor Alexey Russkikh.

Dmitry Krutoi, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Belarus to the Russian Federation, is hopeful that the working visit will bring new contacts and projects.

Dmitry Krutoi said, “The Ulyanovsk region is one of the few territories where finished high-value-added products prevail. It also has both balanced export and import from and to our countries. We must expand and promote this trade. You are a unique region in terms of expertise, primarily in the production and mechanical engineering sectors. That is why I hope that despite the current sanctions pressure and lack of foreign suppliers and manufacturers, machine-building enterprises will have enough time to fill these niches and implement the planned projects as soon as possible.”

In two days, the heads of 11 large Belarusian enterprises, Ambassador Dmitry Krutoi, Vladimir Kukharev (Chairman of the Minsk City Executive Committee), and their colleagues will hold negotiations with Ulyanovsk companies on cooperation and import substitution.

Vladimir Kukharev commented, “We can see a number of promising areas that we need to research very quickly. We are ready to interact in all spheres and to coordinate our ministries and departments to address any issues. There are promising areas both in the field of industry and transport, so we can create joint ventures. There are also good leasing deals that business representatives will be interested in. The electronics sector is very promising too because we have core enterprises that have been operating in this industry for a long time. This cooperation can be brought to life as soon as possible, so we should exchange delegations to work on areas that are mutually beneficial for our states.”

Two documents were signed during the event to secure the existing agreements, as well as the further development of mutually beneficial cooperation. One of them is between the Minsk branch of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Ulyanovsk Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry on effective cooperation between the parties. This document is designed to assist organizations and businesses in developing and advancing international trade, as well as help them participate in implementation of investment projects. The second agreement was concluded by OOO "Kargo 73" and OAO "Minsk Automobile Plant" to supply wheeled vehicles manufactured by the latter in 2023.

“Due to the sanctions, the Ulyanovsk region lost most wheeled vehicles. Because of this, there is a huge demand for such transport. Today we signed an agreement under which about one hundred units will be shipped to the Ulyanovsk region in 2023. The first road train consisting of a tractor and a semi-trailer has already arrived to our region,” explained Maxim Andreyanov, Director of OOO "TD AKRO".

After the event's official part, a procurement session was held at the B2B Industrial Development Center for Ulyanovsk and Belarusian companies. They included such giants as Minsk Tractor Works, Minsk Civil Aviation Plant No. 407, BKM Holding (previously known as Belkommunmash), Byelorussian Steel Works, AMKODOR, Minsk Automobile Plant (the management company of BELAVTOMAZ holding), Mogilevliftmash, and others.

Duing the visit, the delegation from the Republic of Belarus will visit Aviastar and UAZ, as well as Polesie DG and Dimitrovgrad Steel Works at Dimitrovgrad Induratrial Park "Master".