Ulyanovsk Region: Participants of The Nuclear Innovation Cluster Present Their Developments at ATOMEXPO International Forum

The main event of the global nuclear power industry took place in Sochi. The regional Agency for Innovative Development took part in the largest exhibition at the business venue where the current state of nuclear industry was discussed.

Speaking at Artificial Intelligence Journey 2022, an international conference on artificial intelligence and machine learning which took place on 24 November, President Vladimir Putin noted the importance of homegrown developments. He commented, “What I will say is probably obvious to everyone: breakthroughs in the field of artificial intelligence are of paramount importance as the rivalry between states is fierce. The results we achieve will affect Russia's place in the world and our country's sovereignty, safety and prosperity, as well as our ability to address problems of economic, industrial and social development using absolutely new solutions, to create favorable conditions for the self-realization of our citizens, and to launch public initiatives.”

According to Albert Gataullin, Director of the Ulyanovsk Region Agency for Innovative Development, the region presented developments designed by participants of the nuclear innovation cluster at ATOMEXPO International Forum. The project of Ulyanovsk State University, a radiation- and chemical-resistant unmanned aerial vehicle URS-2, was met with great interest. Its distinctive feature is the ability to work in radiation-shielding units at maximum radiation levels. At the same time, the operator can be an arbitrary distance away from the object and control the robot both in manual and in supervisor modes using various operating devices. Albert Gataullin said, “We have demonstrated how robot URS-2 located in Ulyanovsk can be controlled remotely in real time using a game controller. Representatives of AO "TVEL" took an interest in the development, and we were also able to reach preliminary agreements with companies from Iran and India.”

Another important event was participation of Ulyanovsk representatives in a round table meeting dedicated to the MBIR project, which serves as a unique platform for international partnership.

The event was attended by representatives from the leading Russian and foreign nuclear enterprises and scientific organizations. The participants discussed current development of nuclear research in the world, the status of MBIR project, and establishment of an international research center on its basis.

In his opening remarks, Stepan Kalmykov, Vice President of the Russian Academy of Sciences, emphasized the great importance of MBIR, a multipurpose fast neutron research reactor that is currently under construction in Dimitrovgrad. In his opinion, international cooperation and collaboration with other MegaScience class projects will speed up and significantly expand the areas of research to justify solutions within the two-component nuclear energy, generation-IV nuclear technologies, and the closed nuclear fuel cycle.