Ulyanovsk Region's Project Is Among Top Ten Leaders of the Social Solutions Accelerator

On 25 November, Governor Alexey Russkikh took part in the final event for regional service agents organized by the Agency for Strategic Initiatives. It was held in Moscow after the Social Solutions Accelerator.

 The event's main goal was to select the best solutions to improve the social sphere before their further implementation in subjects of the Russian Federation.

The team from the Ulyanovsk region worked on the real-life situation "Loss of health" for 12 weeks. Regional experts have also created a digital service called "Social Friend" ("Socialny drug").

“The service developed by the Ulyanovsk region is among the top ten leaders of the Social Solutions Accelerator. Our team has created an essential tool for the healthcare sector that can be adopted by other subjects of the country. I would like to thank Svetlana Chupsheva and the entire team of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives for the opportunity to promote new solutions for the social sphere, which will improve the quality of life in general,” said Alexey Russkikh.

We would like to remind that the Agency for Strategic Initiatives launched its project in 27 regions of the Russian Federation (including the Ulyanovsk one) to introduce the concept of service agents. It is implemented as part of the National Social Initiative (NSI), a system of continuous quality improvements for social services.

According to Alyona Zotova, a regional service agent from the Ulyanovsk region, the Social Friend platform offers a number of step-by-step instructions and all the necessary information for citizens going through hard times.

Alyona Zotova explained, “Currently, this digital service has nine modules that range from medical appointment bookings and contact details and addresses of psychosocial support centers to employment opportunities for disabled people. This digital platform can be expanded with other solutions depending on the requests we receive from the population and organizations.”